ARLEMM is a cultural and educational manifestation that brings together the most eminent artists, professors and lecturers from different fields of art: classical, spiritual, traditional, jazz music, as well as people of creative ability, with the idea of bringing true cultural values, firstly to children and young people, and then to all strata of society. The aim of ARLEMM is to expand and encourage art and culture in Serbia, with particular reference to regions that do not have productive cultural centers. Providing opportunities for further development of children and young people, as well as finding new young talents, and creating a stimulating environment for the development of this form of creativity, are the basis of ARLEMM manifestation. By developing creative skills in children and young people across Serbia, ARLEMM strives to give everyone a chance to express themselves and recognize their talents through art. ARLEMM is a program that, since its inception, has made great strides for the small community, directed many children to the right paths, made artistic appearances and enriched the region of Western Serbia with great cultural events.

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