A Winter Holiday in Europe

Winter in Europe is not just a season – it is magical. Snow-capped peaks stretch across the skyline. Christmas markets light up happy faces. And the end of the year brings new adventures at every turn. To enjoy it all, you will need to know your way around Europe’s best winter spots. What is the best place to ski in Austria? How are the pubs in Zurich? Where should you ice-skate in Prague? Find out by reading below to prepare for your winter holiday in Europe.

Dresden: Striezelmarkt, christmas market.
Dresden: Striezelmarkt, christmas market.

Your winter adventure starts in the heart of Germany, home to some of the best winter attractions in Europe. Every winter, the country transforms into a winter wonderland, complete with bustling ski resorts, ice-skating rinks, and, of course, the famous Christmas markets. You can find the markets in cities throughout Germany, but Dresden is home to one of the best. It dates back to the 1400s and boasts everything from glass-blown gifts and handcrafted goods to the world’s tallest nutcracker and copious amounts of candies.

The intricate designs of the handmade gifts are just one of the delights you’ll find at Christmas markets.

After your Christmas market fun, take the train high into Prague for some real celebrating. Start off with some ice-skating on the Old Town Square. Then, enjoy a night on the town with a concert. Whether it’s a full symphony in a music hall or eclectic dance music in one of the local clubs. Just be sure you save enough time for one big sit-down meal. Prague’s cuisine is some of Europe’s lesser known, but it is equally great.

Enjoy all the sights and not-so-many sounds of a European mountainside.

Next, it’s off to the mountains in The Alps of Austria. There, you can enjoy the best winter sports of skiing, snowboarding and sledding at Solden, Austria’s famous ski resort located in the western edge of the country. With 33 different ski slopes and a capacity of up to 68,000 skiers per hour, there is always room on the mountain. Spend the day on the slopes and the night staying warm by a crackling fire in the cabin – after all, the average winter temperature here can drop below freezing. It is the picturesque European skiing experience and place to enjoy winter in The Alps. It’s tucked away so that you get a relaxed, secluded feeling. But it is still close to shops, restaurants and your next adventure.

The Alps offer a variety of slopes for beginners and pros.

Speaking of that next adventure – it’s in Zurich. Head into the Swiss city to put a nightcap on your winter holiday. From skiing the slopes to ordering flights of beers in local pubs, it is a must-see European city that thrives in the winter months. And there is really no better way to end a winter holiday than with a warm mug of mulled wine in hand and the frozen mountain peaks in the background.

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