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For those planning a road trip to the south of Croatia, admiring the scattered islands on the beautiful azure sea on the way, you can now see even more, thanks to the Pelješac Bridge.

The new Pelješac Bridge in Croatia was inaugurated on July 26th, 2022 and is currently the largest and most important construction project in the country. The bridge stretches elegantly over the crystalline Adriatic Sea, connecting the southernmost part of Croatia with the rest of the country. The need for a bridge has existed for a very long time:  the Republic of Dubrovnik gave a small piece of land to the Ottoman Empire with its tip intended to serve as a buffer zone between it and the Republic of Venice. For centuries, that small part belonged to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which meant that the extreme south of Croatia was separated from the rest of the country. Any people moving through that area had to cross two external borders of the EU and several miles of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s territory. Now, with the completion of the bridge, Croatia is reconnected.

The Pelješac bridge is in Dubrovnik-Neretva County and is truly an engineering marvel. The new bridge stands proudly, inviting sailors, drivers, and hikers to admire incredible sea views. The Pelješac Bridge is also becoming a new tourist attraction, which will play a part in the country’s tourism promotion and is expected to stimulate more tourist demand for the south. Furthermore, the Pelješac Bridge has improved the everyday life of citizens in nearby areas by reducing travel time between common destinations.


At the mainland end of the peninsula, the bridge connects to a small, unique place, Mali Ston. It is connected to Ston by the longest preserved stone wall in Europe. The renown of the Walls of Ston has also boosted tourism for the Pelješac Bridge. After the Great Wall of China, the magnificent Walls of Ston are the world’s second-longest-preserved fortification system. Building this impressive complex took over 400 years.

The area of Ston has become very important to the local population thanks to its natural resources and geographical location. The Ston salt pans are the oldest in Europe and the largest preserved ones in the history of the Mediterranean.

Held annually in September, the Ston Wall Marathon is a lovely small running event that usually attracts approximately 200-250 runners from around the globe. This unique sports and cultural event guarantees a fantastic experience for all sports and nature lovers.

Breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea and all the way to Mali Ston Bay from the impressive new bridge are another addition for your list. Come and enjoy Croatia!

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