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Why Perugia stole my heart

Perugia, Italy will always have a special place in my heart. Why? For two big reasons: it’s where my husband’s family lives and where I got married. But now I want to share this remarkable place with you! The best things in life are shared, right?

Though Italy as a whole is a popular destination, Perugia remains somewhat off the beaten path. That’s always shocked me, given the rich history, the amazing wine, and stunning landscapes you’ll discover. What specifically should you do while here? I’ll tell you what I never miss: perusing the galleries of the House Museum Ranieri of Sorbello, a villa full of beautiful art, porcelain, and my personal favorite—frescoed ceilings. Another can’t miss place to witness is the Etruscan Well Museum, where you’ll learn all about the ancient civilization and historical roots of the city. What’s Italy if not a foodie paradise? Don’t miss out on local Perugian chocolate, a specialty with a long past!

Want to explore this region I love so much? Check out my interview with Linda, an official at an art foundation in the region.

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