Les nœuds de l’intrigue celte

The mystery of the Celtic people continues to encourage people to visit the places where these people lived and reflect on the vestiges of its existence. You can explore the famous passage tombs and monastic settlements in Ireland and Scotland to get an overview of Celtic rites and stories, but you will also discover their influence in many other places in Europe that are also fascinating.

Glendalough monastery is in Ireland dating from the 6th century.
Glendalough monastery is in Ireland dating from the 6th century.

Follow the Celtic European road across Germany and experience the life of Europe Celtic from 2500 years ago. Admire the Celtic monuments and follow picturesque trails on foot or bicycle, along which you can take pictures of sculptures of Celtic gods, and more. Next, visit to the archaeological park Belginum Wederath, where you will discover a Celtic-Roman camp filled with objects and treasures of this bygone era.

Discover the rich heritage of the Celts and enigmatic Spain. Various ruins in the northwest of the country invite travelers to search for clues about life Celtic Galicia with its bright green landscapes that are lost in the mist, strikingly similar to the Highlands of Scotland. This is just one of many intriguing similarities you’ll discover in this region.

These slopes Were once used to protect the people of Maiden Castle.
These slopes Were once used to protect the people of Maiden Castle.

Because Ireland and northern Scotland were never colonized by the Romans, these territories remained almost entirely Celtic and now invite travelers to discover an incredibly rich heritage through their sites, stories and songs. A visit to the Celtic and Prehistoric Museum Dingle in County Kerry, will offer insight on ancient Celtic cultures, setting tools, weapons and other artifacts. Or take a hike to Maiden Castle, Dorset, England, where you will discover an authentic Celtic fort dating from the Iron Age.

The fascinating heritage of the Celtic people survives in Europe. Unravel the secrets of this ancient European civilization during your next visit.

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Vagues, soleil et sable.

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