Les aventureuses voies vertes d’Europe

There are many ways to travel in Europe. But soon you discover the very heart of the continent and make your trip mode an additional element of your overall adventure: your feet, instead of a motor vehicle. And an extensive network of footpaths and tracks criss-crosses Europe for your convenience.

The Greenways are relatively new in Europe, but their popularity is growing day by day. They propose sustainable paths for non-motorized vehicles in urban and rural areas of Europe. Greenways can be picturesque grassy trails, newly furnished cycling trails, footpaths in urban centers, and many others.

So swap your traditional modes of transport against a more adventurous way during your next trip to Europe. Whether you are an amateur photographer, a casual hiker or a professional cyclist, greenways offer an original look at Europe, which goes beyond the usual.

Roads to campaign windy Vias Verde in Spain are in Reviews some of the best Europe.
Roads to campaign windy Vias Verde in Spain are in Reviews some of the best Europe.

Go to Prague to Vienna cycling along 400 km of green ways to enjoy the vast rural scenery along the road. Traveling on foot along the abandoned railway called Vias Verdes. Or simply spend an afternoon strolling along Parkland Walk in the north of London. Visit Klarälvsbanan greenway Sweden and enjoy a beautiful riverside landscape that stretches 90 km. It is just one example of thousands of kilometers of greenways that dot Europe.

Of course, the greenways are more than just adventurous travel mode. They also play an important role in the preservation of travel modes and cultures of Europe. In such a historic and popular area, sustainable travel protects infrastructures while helping to preserve the environment. Tourists and residents who travel along the greenways have the same opportunity to experience wild places and the best protected in Europe and live an active and spiritual experience than a traditional travel trip is not able to offer them .

Do your part to preserve the natural beauty of Europe by integrating it into your adventure. Travel through the greenways.

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Vagues, soleil et sable.

Search the best beach in Europe can be a difficult task, especially in an area that you do not know well. But in Europe, you’ll know you’ve found the ideal place to surf or sunbathe with a symbol – a blue flag. The Beaches European Blue Flag must meet selective water quality criteria, safety and environmental compliance to qualify as ideal place to sunbathe, swim or play. Luckily, there are more than 4,000 beaches which have met the criteria Blue Flag in the world, and Europe has the majority.

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