L’art de la bière en Europe

The art of brewing is shared by all of Europe. The tradition of beer dates back to the Trappist monks and continues to live in breweries today. Visit the oldest breweries for a powerful experience, rich in history.

Smithwick Brewery in Ireland draws the ruins Who saw it born.

Often the European brewing tradition began in monasteries or abbeys such as Smithwick’s Brewery in Kilkenny, Ireland. Visit breweries older activity in Ireland and taste the delicious beer that John Smithwick has made ​​popular. Explore the new « Smithwick Experience, » an interactive tour of the facilities, including the old abbey. Do not forget to drink a pint of « ale » red in the end. Once done, cross the Celtic Sea to the south-west of England to experience the Great Bath Feast, a festival around the small pleasures of beers and ciders produced locally, fine wines and gourmet meals.  

Savour the flavors of a classic European to the Grolsch brewery.

As in Ireland, many famous Belgian beers owe their origin to monks Trappist brewing beer in their abbey. Ou can still find many of these timeless breweries dotting the Belgian countryside. Rent a bike and pedal from abbey to abbey to taste hundreds of beers. After crossing the countryside, stop at the Brasserie Stella Artois to experience all of this worthy of libation cup. Plan your holidays in Belgium in the period of the beer festivals and food, including Weekend Belgian Beer, during which you can taste more than 400 different beers, watch brewing carriage procession and cars beer, and even sing in front of the Grand Place. To enjoy Belgian beer at home, cook the Vlaamse Stoofvlees, beef stew with in Rodenbach beer.

Enjoy a full entertainment with your beer at Beer Festival Õllesummer in Estonia

Germany is known for its beer garden, and of course, its breweries that never stop. These beers are best appreciated at the Hofbrauhaus in Munich. Instead of serving pints, this brasserie serves liter best beers of Germany. Take a picture of the huge beer steins and lederhosen to a server to share your experience with everyone. In the Netherlands, Grolsch brewery was founded in 1615. Today, the brewery is known for its green bottle with a special seal. For another brewery known for its green bottles, visit the Heineken Brewery.

For a European experience even richer beer, plan your trip according to many beer festivals. Ollesummer of Estonia (where a rock festival met the Oktoberfest) at Taste of Helsinki in Finland, Europe brews some of the best events.

Red ales to beer gardens, the long history of brewing in Europe worth that tastes it.


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