Los inolvidables sabores de Europa

A holiday in Europe are already unforgettable in itself, but many still dream of the delicious food they have tasted time after returning from his trip. From sweet to savory, fondly remember your trip once you come home, and brought with it an exquisitely European flavor.

Winery in Romania Some of the best wines aged in the world can be found in Romania.

For example, traditional chocolates and sweets to his memories of Europe are even sweeter. Make space in your suitcase for some Belgian chocolates or some delicious Polish kolaczki (puff pastry biscuits). Authentic British sweets are ideal for friends or family gift, but, most likely, will have no desire to share! If you visit Austria, it is required to take a bag of their famous Mozart chocolates. These treats have been since 1890 a favorite gastronomic souvenirs of many travelers.

Rome olive oil olive oil Souvenir of Rome, the best way to take home the flavors of Italy

Cookies and chocolates are often combine well with coffees and teas, and is very easy to bring home all the ingredients for a perfect cup with sweet. Take a bag of roasted beans magnificent Italian coffee to revive its desserts. Improve your morning routine to return from your trip with an Irish breakfast tea brought straight from the Emerald Isle.

Calls Mozart chocolate balls in honor of the renowned composer, Mozart chocolate balls've Become Its Own right, a true icon

For the traveler who maintain a healthy Europe is full of liquid gold – olive oil. The extra virgin olive oil from the Mediterranean offers many health benefits, and allow you to add a pinch of their European adventure to your own home cooking. Another healthy dining experience is to buy fresh fruit in the bustling central market of Riga, a must see for anyone traveling to Latvia.

If you are lucky enough to visit some European winery , you should take a few bottles of wine home with you. A French Bordeaux, a Spanish Rioja or a German Riesling will have an exquisite taste in their own wine glasses and evoke happy memories of your vacation. You can not put everything in the suitcase? Many wineries will send their products to home, leaving room in your luggage for more European flavors.

Get your European tour last a little longer filling your suitcase with delicious culinary souvenirs. Many foods can be exposed to travel, but do not forget to declare all items when going through the customs . Some stores are restricted, such as meats, fresh cheeses and liquefied, so it is advisable to check the list of approved in your country before starting to pack their bags food.

Traditional sweets from local wines to complete your experience with the best food in Europe, and then fill your suitcase with many delicious memories as will fit. In this way, the trip will continue in your own kitchen.


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