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Slovenia’s pristine wilderness is home to an incredible trio of majestic creatures: the brown bear, the wolf, and the Eurasian lynx. For over three decades, the Department of Biology at the Faculty of Biotechnology in Ljubljana has conducted comprehensive studies of these magnificent beasts. Guided by a commitment to conservation, the researchers have developed meticulous guidelines for responsible wildlife observation. Their vision transcends conventional notions of wildlife observation and unveils the very essence of large carnivore habitats. A typical observation adventure in the bear’s kingdom begins with a guided forest hike, leading you to subtle signs of bear presence. The highlight is reached at a dedicated bear observatory, where you have a chance to watch bears with the guidance of an experienced hunter. The operators offering this kind of experience are Be Around Me and Zavod Kočevsko, which was awarded the Slovenia Unique Experience label for this tour, highlighting that the experience is authentic, boutique, and sustainable.

Meanwhile, the wolf is put in the spotlight through wolf-related programs in partnership with the LIFE WOLFALPS EU project. From autumn onward, you have an opportunity to trace the wolves’ path through their natural habitats, both in the snow-laden winters and sun-drenched summers. The special gift of these tours is that as wolves are very shy and tend to avoid humans, which is why they can rarely be encountered in their natural environment.

The staff’s creative spirit takes flight even with the enigmatic lynx, from thematic trails to enchanting cycling routes and captivating art workshops. Emerging from the LIFE Lynx project, these art workshops started with classes for amateur painters, continued with art colonies for academic painters and finally evolved into an experience named ART IN NATURE, guided by the multi-award-winning nature photographer Petra Draškovič Pelc and painter Karmen Bajec. This creative retreat unfolds against the serene backdrop of Kočevsko, starting with a leisurely stroll through Kočevsko’s wild forests, where you can breathe the very essence of the wilderness and fuel your artistic soul for the afternoon workshop session.

Also worth mentioning is the DINA Visitor Centre in Pivka, which opened its doors in 2021. Nestled within the Krpan’s home in Pivka, the center stands as a pivotal hub of awareness within the Slovenian and Croatian Dinaric landscape, offering a comprehensive showcase of tools and knowledge dedicated to the Pivka’s magnificent creatures.

Slovenia’s wilderness is more than a backdrop; it’s a stage where the tales of bears, wolves, and lynxes intertwine with the human experience. As you embark on the journey of discovering their natural habitats, you become part of this story, forever connected to the untamed beauty that thrives in the heart of Slovenia.

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