Street art inspired by the Flemish Masters

Flanders is a state of the arts; the region has had a passionate relationship with the arts for centuries. Flemish Masters such as Van Eyck, Bruegel and Rubens lit the fuse. The new generation of street artists continues that work. The modern metropolis of Antwerp provides the proof. 

Antwerp has been a beacon of creativity for centuries. This was already the case when baroque magnate Peter Paul Rubens strolled through the streets of his city. This large city on the Scheldt was even then a leading city in Western Europe in political,  economic, and cultural terms. Antwerp has always had a penchant for beauty and creativity, passed down through the centuries from generation to generation. The city still excels in this: creativity winds through the streets, over the squares and in the minds of the Antwerp people. 

Antwerp’s creative DNA is evident today in many disciplines: fashion, music, theatre,  architecture – and of course, the visual arts are very much at home here. Young talent finds a way to the many galleries or engages in direct dialogue with the city itself. Centuries-old Antwerp is a splendid setting for street art: a historical setting and this guerilla-like art form create a special clash of styles that results in hundreds of masterpieces, exhibited on the street. 

You can see this, for example, in the Kopstraatje in the historic heart of the city. Once a somewhat dingy alley, street art great Steve Locatelli got involved. Together with 14 international friends, he redesigned the street into a magnificent urban open-air gallery. Berchem is another fine example. This city district is probably the only place in the world with an alderman for graffiti who must provide street artists with the space they need. They find areas, for example, in the local train station, where the long walls of the platforms act as the street’s canvas. There is the  trendy district of Zurenborg, where a former gas factory serves as a backdrop for the international graffiti event Meeting of Styles. A stunning view of the city with 3,000 square meters of art. 

We will let you choose from a splendid menu of Antwerp street art. You will find this in a nice bundle in the Antwerp section of Street Art Cities. This database will guide you through the city to 500 unique pieces. You will also find a wonderful range of cutting edge street art in Ghent – not to mention Ostend, the seaside town where street art festival The Crystal Ship drops anchor every year. 

You see, in state of the art(s) Flanders, art is truly everywhere. 

Delight in Antwerp, a modern metropolis and an open-air art gallery.
Delight in Antwerp, a modern metropolis and an open-air art gallery. © Jonathan Ramael

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