Explore the Carpathian garden

Come and explore the Carpathian Garden, a place where rural life still follows ancient rhythms. In the 21st century, visitors are welcome in hundreds of villages situated in picturesque landscapes all over the country, not only as special guests but also as participants in household activities such as cooking, wood carving, weaving, haymaking, and working the land.  

The countryside is alive with legends, myths, and traditions cherished for centuries. Few countries in the world have preserved so many customs or have such love for their folk music and dancing. Throughout the year, Romanians celebrate their ancient heritage, the changing seasons, religious holidays, and life-cycle events such as births, marriages, and deaths with festivals that have remained unchanged for centuries. For the coming year, we recommend five outstanding villages that qualified for the UNWTO world competition Best Tourism Villages in 2023: Biertan, Ciocănești, Eibenthal, Gura Siriului, and Polovragi. 

Exploring Romania’s wonderful nature is another must. Did you know that 47% of the Carpathian mountain chain is located in Romania? The varied topography offers attractions for both summer and winter activities. The ski slopes are located at altitudes between 600-1,800 meters and have varying degrees of difficulty to suit beginners and experienced skiers. The ski season lasts from December to March. 

Around the mountains located in the heart of the country are the hilly regions that welcome you with the appetizing scent of fruit and wines and enchanting views of the wide plains full of grains and sunflowers. In the south, the Danube borders the country, finding its way from the Iron Gates to the Black Sea, its ultimate destination, where it transforms into a spectacular delta, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

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