The Heartland of Legends

Our island’s soul is in its heartland, a heartland full of kind and hospitable people, long-lasting traditions, legends, folktales, and fresh, delicious produce. Let us take you to stunning hidden places, help you unwind and enjoy the slow Cypriot village life, discover authentic local cuisine and breathe in the fresh mountain air.

Cyprus is the island of legends and stories. Almost every single village, mountain, river, rock, tree, and monument has a magical story to tell. Stories about how they got their name, their importance, how they came to be and how Cypriots have loved, worshiped, and cherished our islands’ legends and nature. Stories about mythical creatures, legends about brave men, soldiers, infamous bandits, and mesmerizing queens.

The Heartland of Legends is a fantastic route that takes you around our gorgeous island. It’s a time-travelling experience, a time loop connecting our people’s collective memory with legendary storytelling and memorable experiences. The route is connected to several smaller thematic routes, which start or end along the main route. Learn about the long-standing tradition of beekeeping in Cyprus, how important the production of bread is, and its many different Cypriot recipes, how precious water was and still is for Cyprus, by following one of the many thematic routes that stem from the Heartland of Legends.

Follow the footsteps of the goddess of love across her island and explore its mountainous regions, join villagers at local events where you can sample local delicacies, participate in traditional group activities, mingle with the locals and let their slow life rhythm sweep you into a relaxing, stress-free holiday on our island. Walk along verdant nature trails framed by babbling brooks and cascading waterfalls, breathe in the fresh air, listen to the whispering forest surrounding you, let the birdsong lull you as you sit down to rest and take in this magical scenery.

Sample our islands’ culinary treasures, abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, artisanal cheeses, cured meats and delicious traditional sweets. Taste choice wines made from local grape varieties that date back to the era of the Knights Templar, and feel like royalty when you taste the wine of kings. Learn a local handicraft at one of the many workshops run by locals, who are willing to teach you their craft and share their stories with you, teaching you about the rich folkloric traditions of our island. A vast array of activities, workshops, events, charming folklore and legends await to take you on a year-long journey through our island’s heartland and show you Cyprus’ soul!

So, follow myths about places of great beauty chosen by the gods for their escapades, places where great, passionate love stories unfold, stories about how to make strange potions, using nature’s medicine cabinet to cure ailments of both body and heart. Loose yourself in fables, in myths and discover the true heart of Cyprus!

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