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Welcome to Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. There is something exciting and intriguing about this city. The spirit of Belgrade is evident in its streets, architecture, monuments, picnic areas, and, above all, in Serbian hospitality and openness.

Listening to music on vinyl records, original clothes, or traditional food will grab your attention. When your Serbian hosts, friends or tour guides bring you to one of these events, you will instantly feel a part of it and enjoy the positive energy.

In recent years, enjoying traditionally prepared food and drinks made from local ingredients has become a popular experience for tourists, and interest in these delights is growing. In Belgrade, support the producers of the famous ajvar, a specialty made from roasted peppers, and join the community of consumers who enjoy its wonderful flavor.

This year, the national competition in preparing ajvar, also known as Izađi mi na teglu (“the jar standoff”), will be held under the open sky for the tenth time. The Jar Standoff highlights ajvar, Serbia’s most famous product, to promote and preserve traditional values and customs while highlighting the quality and geographical origin of foodstuffs.  The competition is held successfully all over Serbia – this year in as many as 15 cities – with only one goal, finding the best recipe for avjar in Serbia!

Another sumptuous gastronomic journey through Serbia is held every year in Belgrade: the Street Food Festival! This event is held several times during the year in attractive city locations. During these days, Belgrade becomes a stage for open-air world cuisines. Representatives of the city’s well-known gastronomic brands and masters of street food enable visitors to enjoy a variety of world cuisines in one place through a selection of the best restaurants on the Belgrade street food scene. A real culinary trip around the world! The street food festival is dedicated to environmental protection and, in addition to enjoying different flavors, taking care of the planet that provides the ingredients for these dishes.

While visiting museums, fortresses and squares, you will surely get hungry, and the best way to refresh yourself is with the succulent flavors of locally produced foods. During your stay in Serbia and Belgrade, attend these food events and soak up the authentic energy, flavors and fragrances of our country.

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