Discover women’s cultural contributions

It is well known that Germany has a lot to offer for history lovers. However, besides the work of Goethe and Schiller, many cultural assets were shaped by women. When you visit Germany, take a deeper dive into the history and the present of many impressive German women.

Women’s Museum Wiesbaden

Various temporary art exhibitions focus on the creative work of female artists. These collections provide an understanding of women’s perspectives and creative worlds, thereby contributing to a comprehensive perception of history and culture. The cultural history collection features exhibits depicting everyday life through the ages, with a focus on the feminist movement and the history of women in the city. The art collection also offers a fascinating insight into the work of contemporary female artists who have made a name for themselves on the German and global art scene.

Take time to journal in the palace garden of Sanssouci Palace
Take time to journal in the palace garden of Sanssouci Palace, © GNTB/Julia Nimke.

Bertha Benz Memorial Route

The 194-kilometer-long route honors a legend from times when driving was still an adventure. It starts in Mannheim, runs through Heidelberg and ends in Pforzheim. The married couple Carl and Bertha Benz were pioneers in automotive history. In August of 1888, without her husband’s knowledge, Bertha Benz drove the Mannheim-Pforzheim together with her sons in an automobile that her husband had developed. Not everything went as planned, so Bertha sometimes had to use her hatpin to solve a clogged fuel line, or her two sons had to push the automobile. Today, every enthusiastic motorist can retrace the route Bertha Benz took in the first long-distance drive in the history of mankind.

Heidelberg, Germany
Heidelberg view over the city and the river Neckar, © Getty Images/Elisabeth Schmitt.

Robert and Clara Schumann House Zwickau

This museum in Saxony is home to the world’s largest collection of portraits, manuscripts, and other documents relating to Robert and Clara Schumann. The life and work of the musical couple is presented in a visually appealing exhibition. Clara Schumann was considered a child prodigy and became a pianist, composer, piano teacher, and editor. The collection is more extensive than any other in the world. Valuable pictures, musical instruments, prints, and personal mementos, including a lock of hair and chessboard, are on display here, along with 4,000 original manuscripts from the Schumann’s’ estate.

Pay homage to Clara Schumann at her house in Zwickau
Pay homage to Clara Schumann at her house in Zwickau, © Rose.

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