Old Town transformed: Murten's Light Festival

Situated along the shores of Lake Murten, the namesake picturesque Swiss town offers a blend of rich history and a vibrant Old Town. Its medieval origins, dating to the 12th century, are palpable as you stroll through cobbled streets surrounded by well-preserved defensive walls and towers. Lake Murten provides scenic beauty and opportunities for water sports, while cultural festivals draw visitors throughout the year. Murten’s culinary scene is a delight for the senses, with restaurants and cafes serving Swiss specialties like cheese fondue and chocolate treats. The surrounding region’s vineyards make it a haven for wine enthusiasts.  

In 2022, Murten (Canton of Fribourg) achieved international acclaim by being elected one of the world’s 32 best tourism villages by the prestigious World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This recognition resulted from a thorough evaluation by an expert committee, who were particularly impressed by the exemplary synergy and collaboration among various stakeholders in the Lake Murten region.   

Murten - The idyllic Lake Murten with its namesake town in the background. © Simon Wicht
Murten – The idyllic Lake Murten with its namesake town in the background. © Simon Wicht

What makes Murten so special? Its ability to seamlessly blend medieval charm with an abundance of creative and innovative activities. Recently, the town showcased its inventive spirit through the Bio-Genuss im Stedtli (Organic Delights in Murten) event. This culinary adventure invited participants to embark on a gastronomic journey through Murten’s historic center, where they savored eight distinct vegetarian dishes skillfully crafted by renowned regional chefs.   

The Murten Light Festival is an annual event that illuminates the town in a spectacular display of light and artistry. Held against the backdrop of Murten’s charming medieval architecture, this festival transforms the Old Town into a magical wonderland. Visitors can expect to be enchanted by diverse light installations, from intricate projections on historic facades to dazzling sculptures that come to life after dark. The festival’s visuals are accompanied by immersive soundscapes, creating a multisensory experience. One of the highlights of the Murten Light Festival is its interactive nature, allowing attendees to become part of the artwork as they explore the illuminated streets and squares. The festival typically takes place during the winter months, adding a touch of warmth and enchantment to the cold season.   

Last but not least, Murten’s accessibility, just an hour from both Swiss capital Bern and Lausanne, makes it an ideal day trip or a peaceful overnight getaway. Whether you’re intrigued by history, seeking culinary delights, or simply yearning for a charming Swiss escape, Murten welcomes tourists with open arms. 

Dazzle your eyes at the Murten Light Festival
Dazzle your eyes at the Murten Light Festival, © Region Murtensee 

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