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Dublin: A city with a great literary past and present

On nearly every street, around nearly every corner, it seems as though there’s a piece of immense literary history in Dublin. Whether you’d like to walk in the footsteps of James Joyce, seek out Samuel Becket’s favorite haunts, or pretend you’re Oscar Wilde, Dublin has it all.

I recently spent some time exploring Dublin and its remarkable literary past. As a sidebar, I recommend the Bankers, one of the city’s last traditional pubs for effervescent refreshment along the way. The other highlight of my trip was the fact that Dublin is both a city of great literary history but also one where literature lives. One great example? One of Ireland’s great contemporary daughters of letters, Sally Rooney.

Aside from exploring the world of books, Dublin is also a great place for, of course, tasting the local brews and spirits! I particularly enjoyed touring several distilleries to satisfy my curiosity for how these drinks are made. Happy (safe) exploring!

Want to explore this lively city? Check out my interview with Garvan, a local tour guide, working with Dublin Tour Guide. Garvan gave me the best tips for visiting Dublin and experiencing the city as a local.

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