Stuttgart Wine Festival

Stuttgart Wine Festival is a quiet celebration of Swabian gemütlichkeit – there are no fairground rides or loud music. Instead, 120 stalls are set up in the heart of the city decorated with vines and serving typical Swabian dishes such as maultaschen (ravioli), kässpätzle (cheese noodles) and ofaschlupfer (sweat bread pudding) along with a range of regional wines.

The surrounding wine region, one of the largest in Germany, plays a significant part in the Stuttgart locals’ other passions: exquisite food and fine wine. Stuttgart’s restaurants and cafés offer up a whole range of gastronomic treats, from corner pubs to award-winning, internationally renowned restaurants. Events of every size, such as the Stuttgart Wine Festival, provide ample opportunities to enjoy local hospitality and live life to the fullest.

This festival is the perfect excuse to discover other Stuttgart attractions, like cars. Drivers’ dreams become reality when they visit Stuttgart because the city lives and breathes automotive history in a way that nowhere else does. Without a doubt visitors must go to the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the world’s only museum that presents the history of the automotive industry from start to finish, and to the Porsche Museum.

Another must see is Stuggart’s first-rate performing arts scene. For example, its State Theatre is the largest multi-genre theatre in the world and its ballet, theatrical productions and state opera have all enjoyed international acclaim for decades. 

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