Stragusto is the feast of the street food of the Mediterranean. A mixture of tastes, smells and sounds that pass through various regions. Stragusto is the practical way to re-evaluate, in the era of globalization where everything is homologate, the street food without the refinements that can surprise you with the flavours of a long tradition as it rekindles the atmosphere of the ancient markets, a concentration of flavors, smells, colors, voices that, every year, overwhelms the historic center of Trapani.

There are many specialties that characterize the gourmet itinerary of the event: typical products of Palermo, Trapani, Puglia, Tuscany, Tunisian, Catania, Ragusa, Madagascar, Romanian and much more! Among the novelties also the Wine Tasting area, with the best wines of the area, not to be missed at sunset, from the splendid terrace of the Tramontana walls.

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