Sustainable travel in Switzerland

Untouched nature touches our hearts. As a travel destination, Switzerland is synonymous with spectacular mountains, wild gorges, and mystical forests; Swiss nature has the power to provide energy. We aim to preserve this for many generations to come. Sustainable travel means greater awareness and depth — and more enjoyment. With this in mind, Switzerland follows its own sustainability strategy: Swisstainable.

Rhaetian Railway: on track with hydropower

Rhaetian Railway, the operators of the world-famous Bernina Express, attach great importance to the source of the energy they use, as well as further developments in sustainability. Already since 2013, they have been using 100% hydropower for their locomotives and properties. Their energy requirement on trains and at railway stations is optimized on a continual basis, whether with CO2-minimised external air controls, renewable energy for heating, or modern recycling concepts.

Rhaetian Railways in Front of Morteratsch Glacier. ©Switzerland Tourism.

A funicular powered entirely by water

The funi (short for “funicular”) is Switzerland’s last existing water-powered funicular railway and is only a few minutes’ walk from the Fribourg railway station. This nostalgic railway has been operating since 1899  without using any electricity or producing any exhaust fumes. The funicular is not powered by a motor but by residual water from the upper town. It uses filtered wastewater from a 3,000-litre/793-gallon tank and moves 56.4 vertical meters/184 vertical feet along the way.

“Funi” – Funicular in Fribourg. ©Switzerland Tourism.

Things to consider before traveling

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Some tips to consider while traveling

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