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Enjoy life’s pleasures in San Marino

No matter the weather where you are, I’d venture to say that it’s sunny in San Marino! In fact, it has recently been the perfect temperature for me to enjoy a creamy pistachio gelato. After my frosty treat, I took a leisurely stroll around town, before making a stop at the historic San Francesco Museum.

My afternoon sums up what’s great about San Marino: this is a place where you can enjoy—bask in—the simple pleasures of life like the warmth of the sun, fresh gelato, a gorgeous and deserted alleyway that hasn’t changed in half a millennium.

What else should you do in San Marino? Aside from the delicious food and long tranquil walks, I suggest taking in some art—both historic and modern. Aside from the San Francesco Museum, consider the Contemporary Art Collection from San Marino’s State Museum.

I interviewed the perfect person for deep insights in cultural and historical aspects, Vito Testaj, head of San Marino Cultural Institutes! Watch the video below and get to know how the San Francesco Museum got its name and many more.

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