Are you feeling adventurous?

…and perhaps looking for a way to travel more sustainably? Good news — we have some tips for you on how to have fun — and sustainable — adventures in Denmark!

Go island hopping and make a stop in Samsø

Have you ever tried island hopping? If not, Denmark, with its 444 islands, is the perfect place to get started! Wondering how island hopping is sustainable? Well, many Danish islands are currently working towards using only renewable energy. A great example is “the green island” of Samsø, so-called because of its self-sufficiency and use of green energy. Located in the Kattegat, Samsø has beautiful beaches, many cycling routes and great fishing opportunities. So, if you are ready for a taste of the sweet island life this summer, you should hop on their electric ferry, Ellen, and enjoy your sustainable holiday!

Enjoy local food on a rooftop in Copenhagen

If you’re looking for exciting and sustainable dining experiences, we’ve got you covered. Denmark is well known as the leading Nordic nation for sustainable dining, so you’ll find several sustainability-focused restaurants across the country. GroSpiseri, in Copenhagen, offers you a next-level dining experience, with delicious, organic food grown right on their rooftop farm. The dinners are served family style so you’ll be sharing a table with new friends for fun and tasty communal dining. Of course, the menu changes depending on the season but always guarantees a unique dining experience in a rooftop greenhouse overlooking the city.

Rooftop dining in Copenhagen. © Martin Heiberg.

Jump on your bike and ride your way through Denmark

As you already know, Denmark has a huge cycling culture nicknamed “the nation on two wheels”. There are plenty of ways to spend your summer here on a bike, but if you seek real adventure, we have the perfect solution: cycling the Baltic Sea Cycle Route! It’s a route of 820 km (509 miles) and takes around two weeks. Most importantly, it brings you through the most beautiful parts of Denmark. A great way to escape everyday life, take in the wonderful Danish landscape, and travel in a sustainable way? Biking! So get ready and start your own “Tour de Denmark” today.

Cycling the Baltic Sea Route. ©Daniel Villadsen.

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