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Slovenian natural spas have a long-standing tradition of sharing natural healing remedies and rehabilitation in the treatment process. Although treatment with natural remedies already existed in the Roman period, written sources date back to the 15th century. This sets Slovenia among the nations with the most developed balneological tradition. 

13 Slovenian natural health and spa resorts are dotted around the country, giving you many different options. Many spas are in Pannonian Slovenia, but some are  close to the Adriatic Sea, some at the foot of the Alps, and some even in the Karst region. To make the choice easier for you, here are the main characteristics of all 13 resorts. 

Lets start with Terme Olimia Spa, often highlighted as the first self-care destination in Slovenia. Unique architecture combined with superb spa treatments makes it one of the most popular spa resorts in Slovenia. A few years ago, the Family Wellness Termalija complex was built, the largest of its kind in Slovenia. It consists of a labyrinth of pools and rooms where fun is guaranteed for young and old. 

A number of family-friendly spa hotels and resorts invite you to enjoy spa treatments while your children have fun on the water slide, for example: Terme Čatež Spa, with the largest outdoor and indoor pool complex; Šmarješke toplice or Dolenjske Toplice, both part of the Terme Krka hotel resorts chainor Terme Zreče Spa, where wellness can be combined with active outdoor activities. 

Thermana Laško Spa is known for thermal water with a strong biofield that forms special crystals which are a source of health and well-being. It is located in Laško, a town with a long brewing tradition. For sun- and sea lovers, Lifeclass Terme Portorož or Talaso Strunjan might be the perfect options. Both are located on the Slovenian coast, so a daily dose of sea, sun, and salt air is guaranteed. 

Terme Dobrna is the oldest operational Slovenian thermal spa and has lured visitors with the power of nature since 1403. Another spa resort with a long tradition is Rogaška Slatina, which is also home to Donat Mg mineral water, the world’s most magnesium-rich water. Then there’s Radenci, known for its legendary, alcohol-free fizzy drink, Radenska, or Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice, known for its unique black thermo-mineral water with great beneficial effects. 

Terme Ptuj Spa might not be among the oldest spa resorts, but its wellness experiences are modeled after the ancient Romans; no wonder, as the resort is located in the oldest town in Slovenia, Ptuj, which dates back to the late Stone Age and developed from a Roman military fort. 

What all these resorts have in common is their foundation: Mother Nature. The therapeutic effects of thermal water, beneficial coastal and mountain climates with aerosols, brine and salt pan mud, healing peloids, and turf all serve as healing endowments that form the basis of a wide range of services from beauty and healing programs to saunas and massages. 

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