Aphrodite’s birthplace, a woman’s haven

Cyprus has always been and always will be an island that honors its ancient goddesses and queens, showing tremendous respect for and awe of the female element, which is omnipresent throughout its eons of history and myths.  From the ancient goddess of fertility, depicted in the form of a cruciform figurine, the Lady of Lempa and the well-known Aphrodite, goddess of love, to our queens Regena and Catherine Cornaro, our island’s history is filled with the presence of powerful female figures.

Embark on an empowering solo adventure to the island of love and beauty and discover the stories behind the legendary women of Cyprus. Follow the footsteps of our goddesses and get in touch with your inner self while discovering the worship of the almighty goddess of fertility dating back to the Chalcolithic era, as witnessed by the findings at the prehistoric settlement of Lempa. Explore the western part of our island and immerse yourself in myths, storytelling mosaics and mesmerizing sites of natural beauty.

Visit Aphrodite’s birthplace, her temple, her baths; trace her footsteps down a stunning nature trail to see the sites where she secretly met her lover, Adonis, feel her love and joy as they reveled in ecstasy, and her jarring pain when she lost him. Visit our museums and listen to countless stories about our historical and cultural evolution through the ages. Let Regena’s woes in the Middle Ages take you back to the time when a strong, stubborn, and beautiful queen reigned over Cyprus. Legend says that she still haunts several castles and fortresses that she owned across the island,  mourning the loss of her beloved.

Join the goddess at the Baths of Aphrodite
Join the goddess at the Baths of Aphrodite, © Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

Catherine Cornaro, the last queen of Cyprus, will transport you to the Venetian Rule era and to our capital, Lefkosia. Explore the old city center and find Catherine’s presence lingering by the Venetian Walls and Famagusta Gate. Visit the Leventis Municipal Museum of Nicosia and walk through the centuries, mesmerized by our island’s 11,000 years of history and civilization, and meet Catherine through her portraits as you stroll.

Cyprus is truly a woman’s island. Hopping over for a solo getaway is a treat. Most of our museums and archaeological sites offer audio guides for self-guided tours. Renting a car and exploring our rich yet compact island is easy, and for those of you interested in immersing yourself further into our traditions and folklore, the Heartland of Legends route will take you down paths less explored and into the island’s hinterland. Charming villages and idyllic natural settings will wow you, while bumping into a local will surely lead to enjoying a Cypriot coffee at the nearby kafeneion, along with sampling local delicacies. You may also choose to learn a local craft at one of our free-of-charge workshops held across the island.

One thing is certain, there is never a dull moment in Cyprus. No matter where you go, you will find an activity to participate in or a gorgeous sunset to admire.

Imagine the legacy of the cult of Aphrodite in Nicosia: This statue is from the 1st century BC
Imagine the legacy of the cult of Aphrodite in Nicosia: This statue is from the 1st century BC, © Cyprus Deputy Ministry of Tourism.

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