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Tartu: a creative city of street art

One of the most exciting things about Estonia is that because it’s off the typical travel path for most visitors, there remains much to be discovered—for tourists and visitors alike! Blend that with a vibrant artistic community, where creatives can express themselves at will, and you have the city of Tartu. To prepare for my visit, I spoke with a Tartu city official to get a local’s take on what I-and you!—should do on a visit to this hidden corner of Estonia.

Tartu is known around Estonia as a center for street art. In fact, in certain districts of the city, the buildings are covered in the bright colors local artists apply to facades. This art gives the urban space a bright, exciting and lively feel to it. Walking down Tartu’s streets will give you the impression that people are experimenting, flexing their creative muscles, and bringing a new wave of art to Europe. But Tartu is also home to gorgeous historic buildings, some made entirely of wood. That combination gives this unique city a distinct flavor of the traditional mixed with the modern, progressive and forward-looking feel of its youth. A great idea is to take one of the many artist-led guided tours. Imagine hearing about a mural from the man or woman who painted it!

Watch my interview below with Pilvi, a marketing specialist for the city of Tartu, giving me the best tips I could get from a local.

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