European Capital & Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism

Discover the European Capital & Green Pioneer of Smart Tourism initiative, a groundbreaking EU initiative that recognizes cities at the forefront of sustainable and intelligent tourism. Explore how these capitals lead the way in green innovation, smart mobility, and sustainable travel practices, setting an example for destinations worldwide.

The innovative and vibrant city in Spain

Welcome to Seville, Spain, the vibrant city that is leading the charge towards a sustainable and digitally immersive tourism experience in Europe. As one of the European Capitals of Smart Tourism in 2023, alongside Pafos, Cyprus, Seville has been recognized by the European Commission for its ground-breaking initiatives that aim to enhance the sustainability and accessibility of its tourist offer. Located in the captivating region of Andalucía, Seville has set the bar high when it comes to redefining the way we explore and enjoy our travels. With a perfect blend of rich history, architectural highlights, and a progressive mindset, this city promises an unforgettable experience for every visitor.

Seville’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its innovative initiatives. From eco-friendly transportation options to renewable energy practices, the city is at the forefront of creating a greener environment. By embracing sustainable tourism practices and the city’s motto of #SharingIsSmart, Seville is not only preserving its natural beauty but also inspiring other destinations to follow.

Real Fábrica de Artillería, Seville
Seville’s Real Fábrica de Artillería.

But sustainability is just the tip of the iceberg. Seville is also a trailblazer in embracing digital innovation to enhance the tourist experience. The city has harnessed cutting-edge technology to provide visitors with a seamless and immersive journey. From augmented reality tours that bring historical landmarks to life to interactive mobile applications that guide you through the city’s hidden gems, Seville has transformed the way we explore and engage with our surroundings.

Seville offers a plethora of experiences that cater to all interests and preferences. Take a stroll through the enchanting streets of the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, marvel at the Mudejar-style architecture, indulge in the lively atmosphere of the Triana district, or enjoy the most bohemian area in the Northern part of the city. Read on to learn more about the Andalucian city’s initiatives and make the most of your visit.

Seville, 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism
Seville, 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism.


Love to plan for and predict the future? The Seville Accessible app helps those with limited mobility to plan their route and avoid any obstacles they may encounter while exploring the sights. Specifically, the app has analysed and integrated 22,000 elements in 781 kilometres of routes into its map.

Users can plot the start and end point of their trip and filter based on their mobility needs and preferred mode of transport. The app will then generate an itinerary to facilitate your mobility around the city – taking away any unnecessary stress so that you can enjoy this vibrant destination! Additionally, the app is a live tool, so users can report incidents detected on the journey and update the information to improve the user experience.

Navigate Seville’s colourful streets with ease when using the Seville Accessible App
Navigate Seville’s colorful streets with ease when using the Seville Accessible App.


Need a break from the crowds? As part of its Tourism Intelligence System (SIT), Seville has a project to analyse and divert tourist flows from the Santa Cruz neighbourhood, one of the most visited areas in the city. One of Seville’s first challenges when designing a smart tourism model included decongesting the historic city centre, where the main heritage and cultural attractions are concentrated.

Take a break from the crowds with the Tourism Intelligence System.
Take a break from the crowds with the Tourism Intelligence System.

The impact of high volumes of tourists in the neighbourhood has negative effects on the coexistence with residents, so a data-driven project was created to improve the quality of life of the neighbours and experience of the visitors. Visitors can discover other historical attractions and hidden gems while ensuring that their visit limits disturbance. In Seville’s summer heat, hours of crowds are the last thing you’d want!

Visit Seville, where innovation, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences await.

Seville, European Capital of Smart Tourism 2023.

Best Practices from the 2023 European Capital of Smart Tourism Competition

Learn from the smartest destinations – To find out more about other smart measures that cities put forward in their applications to become the European Capitals of Smart Tourism, visit the initiative’s website or download the Best Practices 2023 Report here.

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