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Scale Czechia’s Great Rocks

For me, reaching the top of a rock I’ve climbed is a uniquely satisfying accomplishment—a strange combination of conquering the rock and being one with the beauty of it. I just finished an exciting rock-climbing adventure at Via Ferrata on the Shepherd’s Wall near Děčín (about an hour’s drive from Prague). I chose Shepherd’s Wall for two reasons: the 16 paths one can choose from, some as high as 170 meters up. The other reason? When you reach the top, you have a gorgeous view of Děčín below as well as a broad river.

If you’re #NaturallyCurious about rock-climbing, there are many excellent spots in the Czech Republic. Want to get a sense of what your climb might look like? Check out my interview with Marie Lollok Klementová, a local mountain guide from Czech Republic. Marie is sharing her experience and tips around climbing in her home country. Don’t miss her website if you are looking for a local mountain guide and if you’re visiting Děčín for Via Ferrata make sure always to wear a helmet and other safety gear!

Scale Czechia’s Great Rocks

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