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2023 launches a new edition of the traditional Christmas of Wonders in San Marino, the event to experience a magical Christmas atmosphere in the smallest Republic in the World.

San Marino will celebrate the 20th Edition of the Christmas of Wonders through “An Incredible Journey”: the main message is to believe in what cannot be seen! This is a journey in search of the deepest meaning of the Christmas celebration, where enchantment and imagination warm all hearts. San Marino’s Old Town becomes an immersive scenario that leads visitors through an incredible, fantastic, memorable Christmas story. It’s an amazing journey with bright, scenic settings and a reproduction of the enchanting Magic Train and the marvelous Toy Factory, which host entertainment activities and workshops dedicated to children, as well as shows and a relaxation area for families. Not to be missed are the evocative traditional Christmas Markets, the ice rink, and spectacles marking the opening on November 26th, New Year’s Eve, and Epiphany.

The Christmas of Wonders will occur on November 26th -27th, December 3rd – 4th, December 8th – 11th, and daily from December 24th – January 8th, 2024, in the old town center, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The Polar Express is the star of “The Christmas of Wonders – An Incredible Journey.” A real railway platform with an eccentric conductor who welcomes families who board the train to marvel at an intense, immersive journey enlivened by Christmas music, sounds, lights, and colors for a truly unique experience. Next, little visitors can enjoy the Toy Factory to discover how to build the perfect toy together with Santa Claus and his friendly helpers! Not only that but there are also laboratory areas and the North Pole Post Office. Santa’s helpers assist children in writing their letters to Santa Claus and post them in the special mailbox.

Have super fun at the Polar Park with its ice rinks where skaters’ have a great time made even more magical by sudden snowfalls and other special effects in a truly “polar” atmosphere.

The streets of the Old Town will be animated by several parades: Santa’s Funky Band, Dancing Fairies, Family Shows, and mini-shows led by bizarre and comical characters.
For info and details: Christmas of Wonders 2022-2023

The Traditional Christmas Markets in San Marino
The Traditional Christmas Markets in San Marino, ©@visitsanmarino.

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