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Whether you attend a major event in one of Germany‘s largest cities or a local festivity in a small town, there’s something for everyone to enjoy! Embark on an adventure and discover Germany’s must-dos in 2024. 

250 Years of Caspar David Friedrich

Celebrate Caspar David Friedrich’s 250th birthday in 2024. An important figure in the Romantic era., his art captures icy landscapes, ruins, and the Baltic Sea’s storms, emphasizing the connection between humanity and nature. His works convey emotions such as longing, melancholy, and a deep appreciation for the world. Friedrich’s preferred travel mode, on foot with a sketchbook, resonates with the contemporary zeitgeist. Explore locations tied to his life, including his birthplace, Greifswald, Rügen, and Dresden. Discover his motifs on a walk along the Caspar David Friedrich Trail, the North German Romantic Road, and the High Coast Trail in Jasmund National Park. At the Albertinum in Dresden, you can view the largest collection of his works during a special exhibition in 2024. Many of his motifs also line the 116-km Painter’s Trail, which offers a sustainable nature experience through hiking.  


Carnival, also called Fasching or Fastnacht, is celebrated yearly and dates back to the 19th century. In North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatine, it is also called “the Fifth Season” and is celebrated extravagantly there. Traditionally, the Jecke-Zeit (Crazy Days) begins on November 11th, but it really gets going in the New Year with Weiberfastnacht (Women’s Carnival) and Rosenmontag (Shrove Monday), with the fun ending on Ash Wednesday. During this period of time, you will see and hear people wearing fancy costumes sing, dance and sway in bars, halls and the streets. The highlight of Carnival is the big parade on Shrove Monday. Come celebrate the Fifth Season in cities such as Cologne, Aachen, Düsseldorf or Mainz, where millions of people come to see the parades that include comical and political floats, costumed pedestrian troupes, and marching bands who scatter sweets along the way. 

European Championship 2024

A high-profile championship is coming soon: in 2024, football fans will enjoy a special sports atmosphere in several German cities. Starting in June, football fans from all over Europe will come together to have a good time before, during and after matches. The host cities include Munich, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Leipzig, Gelsenkirchen, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, but your choice isn’t limited to watching football: it’s best to schedule some “post-match time” for culture and adventures beyond the pitch. In Dortmund, for example, visit the German Football Museum, where you can find exhibits featuring trophies won, or essential  boots that scored the winning goal. In Munich, you cannot only watch games at the Allianz-Arena but also visit the Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Park and spend an afternoon there.  

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