Explore Europe’s outstanding diversity by boat

With close to 66,000 km of the coastline in the old continent and thousands of lakes, rivers and canals, exploring Europe by boat is an unforgettable experience.

Attracting the whole world along its coastline and islands, the Mediterranean Sea is Europe’s prime boating destination. The sailing grounds are immense, from the Balearics Islands to the French and Italian Riviera, through Corsica, Sardinia or further south, to Sicily. Stunning beaches are rimmed by palm trees and there are many caves to explore, such as the Dragon Cave in Mallorca and archeological sites in Minorca. Marine protected areas and national parks are home to many species of seabirds, dolphins, whales and other marine life. The Balearics and the French Côte d’Azur are also renowned for their engaging nightlife.

Hydra port in Greece.

Thousands of charming islands and millennia of history await you from the Adriatic Sea to the Eastern part of the Aegean Sea. The Adriatic’s deep azure contrasts with lush green landscape and white stone one sees on land. Small historic villages with narrow stone streets conjure Mediterranean charm, while medieval towns nestled on hilltops remind us of Tuscany or Provence. The famous postcard image of Greek villages dotted with white houses set against turquoise water that shimmers under eternally blue skies is in real life, an unforgettable sight. Blessed with the warmest weather in Europe, you will enjoy all year round the wide variety of food specialties and local wines. The warm waters invite you to cruise, dive, go for a stand-up paddle tour or play with wind kite surfing.

Catamaran sailing in Greece

In sharp contrast to that, for those who prefer tameless nature, the Atlantic Coast offers wilder and breathe-taking landscapes where the power of ocean waves and wind make them some of the best surfing spots in the world. When sailing along France’s Atlantic coast line, there are endless opportunities to sample the local seafood, cider and crêpes. More experienced sailors will gain additional expertise in using the tides and currents in navigation. The Atlantic, where numerous rivers and lakes end their journey also offers more sheltered cruising and bathing grounds for families to relax, enjoy the wildlife and browse local villages and markets.

Sailing through the Polish coastal area.

Located in the Northern part of Europe, the Baltic Sea offers another dimension of sailing, with plenty of islands and shielded waterways to discover. People love most the diversity of its nature, from the long sand dunes to the barren, rocky islands, fjords and mountain landscapes. This is also the home of unconventional sailing practices such as snow and ice sailing.

Ice sailing in Estonia.

No need to be an experienced sailor or hold a license to enjoy boating holidays in Europe. There are plenty of options at hand for you, such as fully crewed vessels, flotilla sailing with supervision or license-free boats. All you need is to set your wishes!

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