Vincent's love affair with the Dutch countryside

Vincent van Gogh and the Netherlands are inextricably linked; he is an icon of Dutch culture. In the 19th century, the world-renowned artist drew his inspiration from the beautiful landscapes in provinces such as Drenthe and Brabant. His famous works make you realize how extraordinary and diverse the country is. Many of these places remain practically untouched by time, so Van Gogh’s legacy is still reflected in the Dutch countryside. Of course, in a country almost as small as a city, it is easy to sustainably travel in Van Gogh’s footsteps.  

Your first stop takes you to the eastern part of the Netherlands, in Nieuw-Amsterdam and the Van Gogh House. By train, an accessible route about 2.5 hours from Amsterdam takes you to see something truly worthwhile. The Van Gogh House is where Van Gogh lived and worked in the Drenthe peatland. Newly renovated last year, it is a restored farmhouse that immerses visitors in the artist’s living and working spaces. Here you can view for yourself the landscape that inspired him from his bedroom window.   

Next, extend your journey to the south of the Netherlands, to Brabant and the birthplace of Van Gogh. In Zundert, close to the Belgian border, you can gain insights into Van Gogh’s early life and influences by exploring the local heritage and visiting the Vincent van Gogh Huis Zundert. This museum pays homage to the artist’s roots, housing a collection that delves into his family history and the environment that shaped his artistic sensibilities. 

One last stop on your Van Gogh journey should be in the province of Brabant, to the city of Den Bosch. At the Noord-Brabants Museum, you can learn about Van Gogh’s entire life, the places he lived in, and his development as an artist. The museum lets you follow his journey from birth in the Dutch city of Zundert to his time in France, allowing you to witness in a variety of ways all the different sides of this complex artist, and his passion for the Brabant, where he truly felt at home.  

There is no doubt that any Van Gogh fan should visit the country which inspired him so much. In the Netherlands, Van Gogh’s impact is still felt today, especially in the Dutch countryside. Explore the rural Van Gogh on your visit.  

Learn about Van Gogh's beloved, rural Netherlands.
Learn about Van Gogh’s beloved, rural Netherlands. ©Ernst Wagensveld

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