Litomerice Vintage Festival

The vineyards of Bohemia belong to the most northern vineyards of European viticulture. Every town, vineyard or village’s name across the Bohemia wine-growing region resembles a trip through the centuries.

“Vintage” is the celebration of grape harvests across major cities that have winemaking traditions. In most traditional vintages there are processions of historical figures in full period costume, traditional craft fairs, fireworks, street theatre and concerts.

Possibly one of the most well known Vintages internationally is the one celebrated in Litoměřice. Litoměřice’s Vintage Festival takes the form of a large town party with a large cultural program and the tasting of young wine (burčák) produced by winemakers from across the entire region. Bands of Bagpipes play and visitors will hear medieval songs, see a fencing performance and an evening procession of knights with torches that is really worth seeing.

King Charles IV and his knights come to the town of Litoměřice on the Friday evening, a large historic parade winds through the town and the Emperor is officially welcomed by the town representatives on Saturday afternoon. Both days are full of historical performances with horses, the Emperor’s Court and military camps.

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