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Nine national parks with unique habitats and all kinds of wild animals await you in Slovakia. Only here you can spot the largest land mammal and the largest wild cat in Europe or distinctive subspecies of marmots and chamois. Hand-feed European ground squirrels, see towering mountains, meadows of exceptional botanical diversity, and inhale the invigorating scent of the forest.

Track the European bison in a primeval forest

In northeast Slovakia you’ll feel as if a time machine has taken you to the raw, pristine wilderness of ancient times. Welcome to Poloniny National Park parts of which are  UNESCO-listed for their well-preserved Carpathian beech forests. Follow trails beneath mesmerizing, majestic beech, fir and maple trees that have stood tall here for over 250 years. The park is also a protected area for animals including the brown bear, grey wolf, Eurasian lynx, and European bison. Take the opportunity to camp here and be amazed by the stunning array of stars above, thanks to limited light pollution.

Spot rare chamois in the smallest alpine range

For wildlife that you won’t find anywhere else, head north to the High Tatras. The highest mountain range in the Carpathians has more than 26 peaks over 2,500 m high. With its lush pine forests, cascading waterfalls and enchanting valleys, this mountain range is home to a surprisingly population of endemic fauna. See Tatra marmots feeding themselves on open mountain pastures, while charming Tatra chamois  traverse the rugged terrain. Of the scenic mountain hikes, one of the most popular is a trail to the 120-year-old mountain hut Chata pri Zelenom plese. From there, continue to the iconic mountain lake Skalnaté pleso, one of many high-altitude water wonders hearkening to Slovakia´s glacial past. Hire a professional mountain guide to help you conquer the highest peak in Slovakia, Gerlachovský štít (2654 m) or nearby peak named Lomnický štít (2634 m)!

Discover a truly unique botanical paradise

Slovak Paradise national park south-east of the Tatras is aptly named, a true paradise with constant sunshine, birdsong, and delicate scent of flowers in full bloom. Explore vibrant Kopanecké meadows, which boast an unbelievable 74 plant species in just one square meter, including rare orchids. This is more than you can find anywhere else in Europe. Thanks to their lush greenery, Suchá Belá and Veľký Sokol gorges present you with an exotic, jungle-like setting. All photographers love the view from the natural rock gallery Tomášovský View. Závojový Waterfall will impress you with its 75-metre cascade. Another incredible experience: feeding European ground squirrels straight from your hand in the heart of nearby Muránska planina national park, near the hamlet of Biele Vody. This national park is also famous for its unique draught horse breed, the Norik of Muráň, held as one of the treasures of Slovakia´s biodiversity.

Are you ready for a true wilderness experience? Slovakia is the place for you!

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