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Gent: A city where art, history, and food flourish

When you picture Gent in your mind’s eye, what do you see? Ancient streets, stunning facades, deep canals? Yes, you’d be completely right! But Gent is a living place, filled with modern city living, best-in-class restaurants, and a vibrant art scene. Here are some tips for you to discover it, via our local ambassador, Philippe Lefebvre, the Head of PR department at the Gent Tourist Board.

What are Philippe’s top hidden Gent experiences that most visitors miss? First, the fact that anyone can rent a boat and explore the city from the vantage point of its waterways. Skip the sidewalk crowds and take in the Gravensteen Castle, for example, from the water. Once you’ve captained your boat around the city, visit a quarter covered in art, and where the art changes almost every day. Yes, we’re talking about the parts of Gent where graffiti is permitted. Explore them to see the latest street creativity, and if you feel something artistic arise in yourself, feel free to make your own mark on the walls! Of course, making great art can leave you tired. Take the five-minute bike ride to Dok Noord on the water to replenish yourself with a local craft beer or some fresh seafood.

Want more? Watch my interview with Philippe to discover what Gent has to offer!

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