Iconic Danish places you don't know about …yet

So, you’ve seen The Little Mermaid, been to Tivoli Gardens and taken pictures at Nyhavn. Now it’s time to explore the places that you may not have heard about until now!

A Spiraling Treetop Wonder 

Check out the Forest Tower – Denmark’s largest treetop adventure park, located an hour south of Copenhagen. It’s not every day you get the chance to step out above the treetops, but when you do, the view is breathtaking. Walk the 900-meter-long boardwalk to the top, where you will be greeted with a wondrous view of Denmark’s south coast. EFFEKT Architects designed the Forest Tower and garnered several awards even before it opened in 2019. The structure is iconic, built with local South Zealand oak, and allows you to see nature from an entirely new perspective.

Climb up the Forest Tower to an exhilarating view at Camp Adventure
Climb up the Forest Tower to an exhilarating view at Camp Adventure, © Daniel Villadsen.

Rubjerg Knude – the Celebrity of Danish Lighthouses

It’s safe to say that this Danish lighthouse may be just about the most beloved among the Danes. So much so that in 2019, over 20,000 people showed up to watch and celebrate the lighthouse’s newly relocated home. Because the area’s epic nature was causing coastal erosion, Rubjerg Knude needed to be moved inland;  it had gotten too close to the edge of the eroding cliffs. The lighthouse’s unique story is one of the main reasons people keep returning to experience it and its beautiful nature.

Breathe in clean coastal scenery at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse
Breathe in clean coastal scenery at Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse, © Daniel Villadsen.

Hidden Tales of the West Coast 

This is the award-winning bunker museum, Tirpitz. Designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), this museum is dedicated to the history of World War II and the west coast’s 20,000-year-old stories. Tirpitz is designed to be hidden under the sand and protected by the dune landscape at Blåvand, making this just a spectacular and iconic piece of architecture. From meeting the last mammoth to the first human to Europe’s finest amber collections or uncovering the many hidden stories from WWII – there’s something for everyone here!

Explore the Tirpitz Bunker Museum at Blåvand
Explore the Tirpitz Bunker Museum at Blåvand, © Thomas Høyrup.

The Orange Stage

You may know Roskilde for its stunning cathedral and Viking ships, but have you heard of the Orange Stage? Every year during the first week of July, Roskilde hosts Northern Europe’s largest festival, and its biggest stage is one that has inspired the festival’s logo since 1978, and that many Danes recognize – the iconic Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival. The stage and its canopy-shaped tent can hold 60,000 music lovers and some of the most well-known stage names. Perhaps this is your sign to spend a week dancing in a field together with some of the world’s happiest people!

The question remains: which Danish iconic site are you heading to first?

There's nothing like the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival at night
There’s nothing like the Orange Stage at Roskilde Festival at night, © Thomas Rousing.

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