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Despite its smaller size, Hungary has countless wonders to offer for hikers. Hungary has ten large national parks in different regions, many of them listed as World Heritage Sites. Come, discover the country’s varied and diverse landscapes!

Aggtelek National Park, the keeper of underground mysteries

This national park is the first in the country established especially for the protection of the geological assets, surface karstic phenomena and the famous dripstone caves of the area. The park has two world record-holding caves: the 25-kilometer Baradla-Domica cave system reaches into the territory of Slovakia and is the longest stream cave in the temperate climate zone, while the Szilice ice cave is the lowest-situated ice cave in the world. In addition to the mysterious caves with their astonishing dripstones, the flora and fauna of the region are also outstanding. Once here, make sure you pay a visit to the Hucul herd. The horses of the Hucul breed are short, only 130-centimeter-tall horses, and are also called Carpathian Mountains ponies.

Aggtelek © Hungarian Tourism Agency
Aggtelek National Park, © Hungarian Tourism Agency

Stargazing, galloping horsemen and a unique feeling are guaranteed at the Hortobágy National Park

Hungary’s first national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In 2020, when the editors of National Geographic Travel selected the world’s 25 best trips to take. Thanks to its history, wildlife and folk traditions, Hortobágy is one of the most mesmerizing places in Hungary, and a key location in Hungarian history. Spend the night under the starry sky on straw pallets, wake up to the sound of galloping horses, watch water buffalo, or check out how the characteristic feature of Hortobágy, the shadoof, an irrigation tool, works. The legendary Nine-Arched Bridge, located at the edge of the village of Hortobágy along Route 33, is a must-see.

Hortobágy © Hungarian Tourism Agency
Hortobágy National Park, © Hungarian Tourism Agency

Magical, fairytale landscapes await you in Bükk National Park

The beauty of this area is simply unimaginable. Bükk is the contiguous mountain range with the highest average height in Hungary, with 42 peaks higher than 900 meters, the highest being the 959-meter-high Istállós-kő. Ninety-seven percent of the mountain range is covered with forests. The road leading to attractions such as the Veil Waterfall, Lillafüred or Szilvásvárad goes deep into the forests and passes by trout lakes. If you visit the park in suitable weather conditions, you can have a look at the amazing geysers of the Bükk.

Hungary’s biodiversity and valuable natural treasures are presented, preserved and studied in national parks. The country’s ten national parks all have their own charms. If you happen to be writing up a bucket list of what to see in Hungary this year, countless hiking trails, unmissable sights and nature’s hidden treasures await.

Bükk National Park - Mátra © Hungarian Tourism Agency
Bükk National Park – Mátra, © Hungarian Tourism Agency

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