Explore cultural sights sustainably

Finland, with its vast and captivating landscapes, quirky traditions, and diverse cultural heritage, invites you on a unique cultural journey. Whether you’re captivated by UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Alvar Aalto’s architectural marvels, the soothing sauna tradition, or natural wonders – we’ve got you covered! 

As you delve into this Nordic gem, it’s not just about the beauty of the destinations; it’s also about embracing sustainable, responsible travel practices – a cause very close to Finns’ hearts. By making mindful choices before and during your cultural adventure through Finland, you have the power to make a lasting impact. So, make sure you explore Finland’s cultural sights leaving only footprints and unforgettable memories behind. 

Revive in Finland's beautiful nature.
Revive in Finland’s beautiful nature. © Aku Pöllänen

Consider your travel options

When it comes to reaching and navigating Finland, you have a multitude of transport options to choose from. Instead of hopping on a plane, why not cruise your way to Finland with a fabulous ferry ride across the Baltic Sea? Or explore the cultural gems dotted across the country by embarking on an unforgettable rail expedition – breathtaking landscapes, cozy overnight cabins, and vibrant cultural destinations included! 

For those craving an adventure-packed holiday, Finland, with its fresh air, scenic terrain, and extensive network of bike paths spanning thousands of kilometers, is the perfect haven for a cycling holidayeven within its vibrant cities! 

And to keep your environmental footprint as small as possible, why not even stay a little longer? 

Relax as you travel across Finland on comfortable trains.
Relax as you travel across Finland on comfortable trains. © Juho Kuva

Leave no trace in nature

With its 41 National Parks, the world’s largest archipelago, thousands of lakes, and amazing wildlife, Finland blends nature and culture effortlessly. Finnish “Everyman’s Rights” allow free roaming through nature for everyone – but remember that these rights also come with responsibility! Leave no trace behind, avoid private properties, and respect protected areas. Always check guides and etiquette for new areas, and remember to treat nature with respect – so that Finland’s beautiful nature can continue to be accessible to everyone! 

Consume mindfully and locally

Finnish food culture centers around fresh, natural ingredients straight from nature. Explore seasonal and regional dishes, and even try out some of Finland’s best wild food restaurants, which pay homage to pure tastes made from local, seasonal, and organic ingredients.  

Pro tip: Finnish tap water is one of the cleanest in the world, so make sure to fill up your reusable bottle before heading out for your cultural adventure! 

Partake of delicious berries from a Finnish park.
Partake of delicious berries from a Finnish park. © Virpi Mikkonen

Choose activities and businesses with STF label

Look for the Sustainable Travel Finland label when selecting activities, accommodations, or destinations. The label indicates that the company holds certification and has a transparent, long-term plan to reduce any negative impact it might have on individuals, the environment, or society. Make a difference with your choices!

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