Hévíz: harmony for body and soul

Near the western tip of Lake Balaton is a town with a name that reflects the local hot springs. Visitors to Hévíz (warm water”) can go for a swim in the world’s largest biologically active thermal water lake. This is a site where archeologists have unearthed sacrificial medals of healing from the Roman period and where, according to legend, then-future Roman Emperor Flavius Theodosius was cured from his infantile paralysis. The development of modern bath culture began in the 18th century, when the region was the domain of the famous Festetics family and Count György Festetics built a bath supported by a raft. 

The lake, tens of thousands of years old, reaches a depth of 38 meters and has a surface of 4.4 hectares, serving as a natural reserve along with the 50hectare forest that surrounds it. The forest enveloping the lake is a key element of the lake’s ecological system. The lake’s curative effect is fully complemented by its natural surroundings. Its biologically active waters are used for postlocomotor-surgery rehabilitation, to fight off the effects of gout, and for the general preservation of health.

The lake’s water is naturally replaced every 3.5 days. The oval-shaped lake is fed by hot and cold-water springs alike. During summer its temperature varies between 33–38 degrees Celsius and never falls below 22-23 degrees Celsius, even in the winter, allowing visitors to swim outside in the lake comfortably even in the harshest weather conditions. In such periods the lake is usually covered by a thick layer of steam. 

Come and share the unparalleled experience of taking in views from the water of quaint old buildings with fully restored interiors. The site features modern therapeutic departments as well as a wellness and therapy center, providing ideal conditions for recovery, rest and recreation. 

The bottom of the curative lake is lined with layers of peat several meters deep. Thanks to the special organisms living in the mud, the medicinal mud of Hévíz has a unique softness.  Treatments performed with the warm, medicinal mud can stimulate circulation, which leads to an accelerated metabolism. It makes the skin supple and velvety soft – which is why the beauty industry utilizes mud sourced from the lake.  

The over two-hundred-year-old therapeutic tradition, the medicinal water with its special composition, and the medicinal mud gained from this source are all part of traditional Hévíz therapy, which has scientifically proven beneficial effects. Both the premium Hévíz therapeutic hotels, as well as the wellness and medical hotels of the region offer classic therapies and modern wellness services. Countless health preservation, fitness, self-care and lifestyle programs are available in combination with the stellar bathing facilities. 

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