European Hidden Treasure

The Eden Network : surprise yourself with Europe !

Could you imagine so much variety in Europe ? From Finland to Azores or From Malta to Ireland, 71 destinations decided to gather to promote sustainable tourism under two words : Eden Network. That means within these destination you could walk with bogshoes on mires in Soomaa National Park (Estonia), listen to heaven within the Star Park of Zselic (Hungary), talk to bears in Wild Taiga (Finland) or eat local products with a Chef in Durbuy (Belgium) !

Eat local products with a Chef in Durbuy (Belgium)

The common goal of these destinations is to work on sustainable tourism. That means every Destination Manager trends to be local as much as possible : local population are part of the interest to interact with, restaurants are working hand in hand with local producers, mobility is managed regarding local priorities, waste management is a key element, sometimes even they have created a local currency to keep the finance as much closer as possible.

Walk with bogshoes on mires in Soomaa National Park (Estonia)

As this Network was launched by the European Commission in 2006 it is also based on different thematic : Best emerging rural destination, intangible heritage, protected areas, aquatic tourism, regeneration of physical sites, accessibility, local gastronomy and culture tourism. These destinations are therefore quite relevant for some of these aspects but always you will live a personal experience based on a true story.

At least if you like to walk off tracks!

Talk to bears in Wild Taiga (Finland)

Mountains of Fun

The snow-white scenery of the Dolomites is an ideal destination for those who love skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, climbing, snowshoeing and trekking. Internationally famous for its ski resorts, it’s a magic realm offering numerous slopes in one track for hundreds of kilometers while being surrounded by magnificent heights and enchanting landscapes. There are so many sports to practice on Mount Rosa and its valleys; the three valleys of Ayas, Gressoney and Valsesia have some of Italy’s biggest ski resorts.