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Aachen, the quintessence of Europe

On the far west border of Germany, right up against the Netherlands and Belgium, lies a city that’s fully off the well-trod traveler’s path. Yet with its rich history, stunning medieval architecture and modern flair, Aachen is a place well worth a visit!

Not sure where to begin in Aachen? Never fear. I just returned from this gorgeous city and am here to guide you! Here are my suggestions about Aachen and what you can do there. A good place to start? The Route Charlemagne, named after Charlemagne of the Frankish Empire who chose Aachen as his preferred place of residence. The route offers travelers deep insight into the life and times of this emperor and a sense of the city during his reign through eight different stops.

Once you’ve dived into Aachen’s rich history, which dates to Roman times, stop for a meal of käsespätzle, a traditional German dish of small noodles mixed with grated cheese, onions, and a dusting of chopped greens for decoration. A good drink to go with the meal is cold beer, which is delicious and widely available. Make sure to try some of the new, micro-brews that you’ll find in Aachen!

To discover more about Aachen, watch our conversation with Hilber de Wal, a local tourist guide, and learn more on the city festivities throughout the year!

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