A Cafe Day in Setomaa

Seto Külävüü kostipäiv, in English “a day to relish guests”, is popular known as A café-day in Setomaa.

On that day pop-up cafes are set at different spots along Seto Külävüü -the tourist route of Setomaa- providing local food in order to ensure that visitors get a taste of real local specialities made exclusively from local ingredients. The tourist route of Setomaa runs from Võõpsu to Luhamaa. During the 2013 edition, 10 cafes were set in farm houses, community houses and even on a raft.

The cafes set this year are chosen in May and the list of cafes with coordinates and introductions and its locations can be found our and on the Facebook account of Visit Setomaa.  Programmes of the cafes are presented in July.

The event is organized by the community of Setomaa and it is meant to contribute to develop and preserve the local culture and the national Seto food heritage by introducing it to visitors and locals alike.

A café-day in Setomaa was recognized with the “EHE Setomaa 2013” as the best tourism act held in Stomaa for presenting the region in an authentic way and contributing to the local development. Laivi Mesikäpp, the hostess of café “Taevalikud paabad” in Setomaa Turismitalo commented: “it was a positive surprise that many visitors had planned to visit all cafes. First guests arrived before noon, i.e as soon as we had put up the café-day signs. And the last guests came at 21.45. We had more visitors also next days after the café-day. We had much more visitors than we dared to expect.

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