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A fjord is a narrow inlet of sea formed by the flooding of a valley carved by the action of glaciers. The majestic landscape is filled with crystal clear water with high walls offering spectacular views. The distinctive features of this natural formation are very similar worldwide, but the real fjords are found only in Europe.

 The East Fjords of Iceland are full of picturesque coastal places like Those pictured

The fjords are perfect for exciting outdoor activities landform. In Norway, you can perform different types of activities by the fjord Girangerfjord . You can climb to the high snow-covered peaks where even the most persistent adventurer will cost you catch your breath, but their efforts will be rewarded with spectacular views of the falls. You can also go hiking or kayaking through its channel and watch the immensity of cliffs and mountains.

 Mweelrea mountain offers some of the best views of Killary Harbour in Ireland.

In eastern Iceland, immerse yourself in the fishing villages and discover the majestic mountains, hills and lakes of crystal hiking or horseback. To get a more direct contact with nature, visit the Killary Harbour in Ireland, a glacial fjord that serves as a natural barrier between the two bastions of traditional Ireland: County Mayo and County walway. Step into the heart of Connemara and enjoy the views of the Atlantic.

A unique adventure in life, exploring the fjords in Europe. You can not forget the majesty that offer their views.

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