The Tour de France and the Giro de Italia have made Europe synonymous with cycling. But you don't have to be a pro to enjoy the pleasures of pedaling past beautiful countryside and historic sites. Europe is covered with cycle routes and footpaths so you can enjoy the region at your own pace

Day 1-3
Distance: 400km / 250mi

London to Brussels

  • On your way to the English Channel, explore the impressive Deal Castle built by Henry VIII in the shape of a Tudor Rose.
  • Take the train through the Eurotunnel from Ashford to Brussels, or use the shuttle from Folkestone to Calais (FR) and continue to Brussels.
  • Walk through the heart of Brussels and the impressive Grand-Place (Market Square), a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Belgian chocolates taste best when eaten in Brussels. Be sure to stop at the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate or the House of Belgian Master Chocolate Makers near Grand-Place.
  • Explore the city’s most emblematic building, the Atomium, modeled on the structure of an atom.

Day 4-7
Distance: 300km / 185mi

Brussels to Amsterdam

  • Explore Ghent on foot or by bicycle, boat or Vespa, but don’t miss St. Bravo’s Cathedral, its world famous altarpiece and “mystic lamb.”
  • After your mystic moment, join the fun in Korenmarkt Square.
  • The flat roads of Bruges are ideal for cycling. Ride through the stunning main square and colorful open market in the heart of Bruges.
  • For the best view of the city, climb to the top of Belfort, in Bruges’ historic center.
  • Give your legs a rest and sail down Bruges’ canals.
  • Outside of Amsterdam, the Bollenstreek Route is flat enough to cycle through miles of tulip fields. Or, cruise along beaches, dunes and the Wadden Islands on the Dutch Coastal Route.

Day 8-10
Distance: 420km / 260mi

Amsterdam to Luxembourg

  • Ride to Utrecht and explore the inspiring green surroundings on the beautiful Westbroek Tour.
  • Stop in Liege for the Prince-Bishops’ Palace and then stroll the Coteaux de la Citadelle along courtyards and orchards for a journey back in time.
  • Luxembourg’s elegant capital city is an ideal place to discover on foot with walks past hilltop castles, fortresses, palaces and the stunning countryside of the Ardennes region.
  • To walk with a purpose (if not always in a straight line) try the Wine Cultural Tour of the Moselle Valley.

Day 11-13
Distance: 500km / 310mi

Luxembourg to Zurich

  • From Luxembourg, explore the bunkers and trenches that mark the historic Maginot Line.
  • Ride through the center of Freiburg and discover the cathedral and the small canals called Bächle.
  • Treat your ears to an organ concert in the almost-perfect acoustics of Freiburg Cathedral.
  • As you reach the Swiss alps, rest your legs on a 44-mile (70km) electric bicycle tour showcasing the Greater Basel Region: The City of Basel, the industrial communities of Liestal and Sissach, the Fricktal Jura and beautiful Rheinfelden.
  • Once in Zurich, ride the vintage Ticino Tram with a view of the most beautiful places in the city on the Limmat River while sampling delicious Ticino specialties.
  • Bike around Lake Zürich starting in Kilchberg and covering over 34 miles. Stop in Rapperswil for a short break at the coffee and ice cream shops and medieval castle.

Before you go

  1. Familiarize yourself riding a bike before the trip.
  2. Do not forget to ride a bike in a row, always one behind the others.
  3. Check the rental bike (brakes, gear) before getting underway.
  4. Pack comfortable and specific walking and cycling shoes.
  5. Pack comfortable and breathable clothing and wearing cotton for the days you will ride a bike.
  6. Do not forget to pack a raincoat in case the rain surprises you in the midst of a march cycling or walking and a cap/hat to protect you of the sun.

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