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Be adventurous, ready to travel beyond the typical guidebook recommendations. If you’re looking for unique, enriching experiences that differ from your everyday routine, then Slovakia is an excellent choice. Have you ever tried bryndza, which is full of probiotics? Would you like to learn how to make your own indigo bag? Do you enjoy light conversation over a glass of fine wine under a sun-drenched pergolas? Slovakia offers plenty of opportunities for these experiences and exploration. 

Adventure to the western part of Slovakia, to the capital, Bratislava. The Little Carpathian region is home to many vineyards with a long history of producing outstanding wines. Explore over 100 wine cellars spread across 20 different villages and charming royal towns such as Svätý Jur, Pezinok, and Modra. During the traditional cellar opening in St. Urban in May, you can enjoy last year’s wines in beautiful settings, under summer pergolas or in gardens, while enjoying exquisite delicacies. How about tasting mead, a drink believed to have given the ancient gods beauty, youth and immortality? Medolandia in Dolná Krupá is an excellent place to discover the history of bee products. Need more inspiration for your trip? Check out the Meet the Locals project and watch short videos about the remarkable people of this region.  

Immersing yourself in the local culture means trying regional cuisine, some of which may have difficult names. Try bryndza (pronounced “brindtsa”) cheese, an essential ingredient in the traditional Slovak dish bryndzové halušky (“halushky”). Other delicious treats made from sheep’s milk are oštiepok (“oshtyepock”) and korbáčiky (“korbaecheekee”)], which have numerous health benefits, such as boosting the immune system and strengthening bones. The Liptov region is the perfect place to sample these cheeses – and learn how to make them – while enjoying picturesque views of grazing sheep and shepherds’ huts. If you’re searching for a chic gift, Ateliér Rabada in Párnica, in the nearby Orava region, sells indigo-colored bags with minimalist white decoration. A workshop is available for those interested in making their own blue and white piece by hand. 

Consider visiting eastern Slovakia and Košice, the country’s second largest city. While there, explore Pottery Lane, a street that showcases the traditional crafts of blacksmiths, carpenters and potters. Indulge in a unique herbal tea blend from the local herbalist or learn the art of making crispy-crusted bread from the local baker. For those seeking the great outdoors, in nearby Poloniny National Park you can camp under the stars, hike through a thriving forest and see European bison roaming free. In August participate in a variety of cultural activities that highlight Rusyn culture, such as playing traditional flutes, weaving handmade carpets, or writing religious icons. 

Visit Slovakia and immerse yourself in a variety of scents, flavors and the warm hospitality of the locals! 

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