Discover Germany´s sporty winter activities

Even though Germany is known worldwide for soccer, it has several other interesting activities to offer. Fortunately, the winter season is just around the corner, which augurs a great variety of sports. Whether in the countryside or in the city, outdoors or indoors, you will see that Germany offers the right activities for everyone. 

Winter sports in the countryside

In the countryside you can find many sports to enjoy during the winter. Among others, tobogganing is for young and old. The Wallberg toboggan run near Rottach-Egern is one of the longest in Germany, stretching for 6.5 kilometers. Another exhilarating experience is racing in a bobsleigh taxi: a skilled pilot will guide you through an icy track at speeds of 120 km/h. This thrilling ride is available in Altenberg near Dresden or at Königssee in Bavaria.  

Your family will love tobogganing at Erlebnisberg.
Your family will love tobogganing at Erlebnisberg. © Adrian Greiter/ Chiemsee-Alpenland Tourismus

Germany also offers numerous opportunities for skiing. In the heart of the Thuringian Forest, Oberhof stands as a training ground for elite athletes specializing in biathlon, luge, bobsleigh, cross-country skiing, and Nordic combination skiing. Venturing south, the high-alpine Zugspitze Ski Resort, nestled near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, has become a haven for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. This resort offers an extensive network of twenty kilometers of ski runs and other delights from November to the beginning of May, promising an extended season of snowy enjoyment. Keep exploring! There are several more slopes for skiing in Germany, such as in Hesse, Saxony, Lower Saxony, Bavaria, Baden-Wuerttemberg and North Rhine-Westphalia.  

Hiking is possible not only in summer, but also in the winter. There are loads of winter hiking trails surrounded by a snowy wonderland. One of the most popular low mountain ranges for a winter excursion is the Harz. The historic Harz Narrow Gauge Railways, have some trains that ascend the Brocken, the highest peak in the Harz range.  

Lose yourself in the starry sky over the International Star Park Eifel Nationalpark.
Lose yourself in th starry sky over the International Star Park Eifel Nationalpark. © Nationalpark Eifel / Maximilian Kaiser

Winter sports in the city

Even in the city you’ll find winter sports: one possibility is ice skating. You can find skating rinks in cities all around Germany, for instance at the palace canal of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. Here you can also play ice-stick shooting and ice hockey.  

After sporty activities it’s always pleasant to relax. Where could you do that better than in a warm thermal bath? In Germany you can find a variety of them in every city. Another good place to be in the winter months is a planetarium, to gaze at the winter sky, which offers up the brightest constellations, in totally cozy comfort!  

Ice skate on one of Germany's outdoor rinks for a very special experience.
Ice skate on one of Germany’s outdoor rinks for a very special experience. © sibstock/ DZT Picture

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