Adventure through the epochs

Experience Serbia by tracing the footsteps of great European adventures spanning multiple epochs. From the legacy of ancient Roman emperors, monasteries influenced by Romanesque art, the impact of Jewish art and Art Nouveau style to recent history written along the line of the former Iron Curtain and the memories in cemeteries, history abounds.  

Integrating cultural and historical heritage into tourism offers by showcasing local products and involving visitors in local activities is essential to emphasize the significance of culture in Serbia. Become an active participant in heritage preservation, no longer just observing, but contributing to the ongoing life of the places you visit!  

Serbia is situated along eight cultural routes certified by the Council of Europe:  

  1. The European Route of Jewish Heritage leads you from synagogues in Subotica and Novi Sad to the Monument to Jewish Victims of World War II, and to Zemun Cemetery and renowned buildings.

  2. Transromanica connects Romanesque cultural heritage sites, revealing at the monasteries of Studenica, Žiča, Gradac, Durđevi Stupovi, and Sopoćani how influences of Byzantine and Romanesque art converged in medieval Serbia.

  3. The New Cemetery in Belgrade bears witness to significant historical and cultural events in Serbia. It is included on the European Cemeteries Route.

  4. The Réseau Art Nouveau Network links monuments with secession elements, and in Serbia these include the Subotica Synagogue, Raichle’s Palace, and the City Hall in Subotica.

  5. The European Route of Industrial Heritage encompasses an industrial legacy from the mid-18th century in Europe. In Serbia, the Nikola Tesla Museum and the small hydroelectric power plants built from 1900 onwards are exceptionally significant for the entire world.

  6. The Women Writers’ Route is dedicated to female authors from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries and their role in the history and cultural heritage of not only the Slavic world, but Europe as a whole. In Serbia these authors are Isidora Sekulic, Desanka Maksimovic, and Jelena Dimitrijevic. 

Two routes in Serbia closely connected to nature  

  1. The Roman Emperors and Danube Wine Route in Serbia connect sites from the Roman period and four wine regions. These overlap with the international cycling route EuroVelo 6, which in Serbia follows the course of the Danube River. 
  2. The Iron Curtain Trail-Eurovelo 13 route guides you through the border areas of Serbia–Romania and Serbia–Hungary, from the flat Pannonian regions through hilly landscapes and the Djerdap Gorge to the beautiful mountains.  

Experience shared moments, cultures, and histories that are corridors of the strongest and deepest connections.

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