A year filled with special events

Spain is enticing for a variety of reasons in 2024: choose between several special events and celebrations for a wonderful travel experience. Consider the following ideas, sure to make your vacation an unforgettable success! 

Oviedo – 2024 Spanish Gastronomy Capital

Oviedo, the capital of Asturias, is a must-go city for lovers of good food. The year ahead is full of events starring gastronomy, and traveling to the city will be easier than ever – the new high-speed train will take you from Madrid to Oviedo in less than three hours. 

At any point on a city tour, you can sample the region’s cuisine. Your tasting must include Cabrales, Vidiago or Gamonedo cheeses; Asturian fabes (green beans); pixin (monkfish); seafood or carne gobernada (stewed meat). For dessert, the choices are plentiful: rice pudding, frixuelos (a kind of crêpe), almond cake, and more. 2024 is the year to discover the essence of Asturian cuisine! 

Be sure to sample some of Asturias' more than 40 types of cheese, including the famous goat's cheese.
Be sure to sample some of Asturias’ more than 40 types of cheese, including the famous goat’s cheese. ©Turespaña

Valencia: European Green Capital 2024

Valencia invites you to celebrate its election as European Green Capital 2024, an important recognition of the city’s commitment to sustainability.  This distinction, awarded by the European Commission, recognizes the city’s efforts to improve the environment and the quality of life for residents and visitors alike. 

Bathed by the Mediterranean, the capital of the Region of Valencia is famous for its beaches and exceptional climate. History, tradition and the future await you in this city contrasts. Discover traces of the remote past in the old town center and be amazed by its avant-garde buildings. Be sure to try Valencia’s most famous dish: paella. 

Valencia, Spain. Famous Turia gardens
Valencia, Spain. Famous Turia gardens, the park made in an old riverbed.

San Sebastián – Eduardo Chillida 100 years

Born in San Sebastian on January 10, 1924, and with his roots in the Basque Country, his arms embraced worldwide horizons, creating unique settings to bring society together.

The program entitled “Eduardo Chillida 100 years” will promote a series of exhibitions, music, education, reflection, and celebration. It is an international commemoration to provide an opportunity to bring Chillida’s creations closer to people from a wide range of cultures, generations, and backgrounds from around the world. Several exhibitions will showcase Chillida’s creative universe in his hometown in 2024. 

Enjoy art by the sea, such as “Peine del Viento” or “Wind Comb”, one of the best-known works by Chillida.
Enjoy art by the sea, such as “Peine del Viento” or “Wind Comb”, one of the best-known works by Chillida. ©pabkov/123RF

Barcelona:  37th America’s Cup

Barcelona is hosting the 37th edition of the world’s most important international sailing competition, which will take place between August and October 2024.  Six teams from New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, the United States, and France will compete to win the America’s Cup, a sporting event with 174 years of history. Spectators can watch the regattas free of charge from the beaches located between Port Vell and the Olympic Port of Barcelona.  

Find out about all the important events taking place in Spain and discover everything awaiting for your enjoyment.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona © Turespaña.


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