From traditional songs to all kinds of guitar

Warm weather heralds many outdoor music festivals every year in Belgrade, when the city, the park and surrounding areas host top artistic performances. Serbia can boast of concerts in a range of musical genres that attract a large number of domestic and foreign visitors. 

The festival that has captivated the capital and turned it into a guitar capital for a quarter of a century is the Guitar Art Festival. In its early days, it promoted classical music and guitar, but over time the GAF came to represent the highest artistic expressions of flamenco, fado and jazz. 

World stars such as Ennio Morricone, Sting, Paco de Lucia, Marisa, Tommy Emmanuel, Luz Casal, Rosenberg Trio, Pink Martini have delighted more than 400,000 visitors over the years. This festival has achieved status of one of the world’s five largest and most prominent international classical guitar festivals, having entertained 4,000 students from 48 countries, awarded 500 prizes worth 500,000 euros, and presented over 600 concerts from 58 different countries.  

The 25th Jubilee Festival will be held from May 15-19, 2024, featuring concerts with guitar stars Marcin, the Assad Brothers, Badi Assad, Pablo Garibay, Mateusz Kowalski, and Francisco Luis. The closing act of the festival is the Concert of 1,000 Guitars at Belgrade’s Republic Square. This performance will break the record and gather the greatest number ever of guitars in Serbia. Festival-goers and guitarists from all over Serbia, as well as over 50 countries, will also have the opportunity to participate in this concert and break the national guitar record. 

Vranje, a city in the south of Serbia, is especially famous for Vranje song. This appeared in the second half of the nineteenth century and is recognizable today by its form and emotional evocation of the mentality and sensibilities of a warm southern heart and soul. Sung with feeling, Vranje song is a real gem on the music stage of Serbia and the Balkans. In 2019 the Vranje Song Festival was launched when Vranje joined the UNESCO Creative Cities Network Cities of Music.   

ARLEMM is an educational, music and creative festival that differs from other festivals in its content and venue. The 15th ARLEMM festival is from July 20-28, 2024, in Arilje, a town in Western Serbia. Every evening features various musical events throughout the town, in the churchyard, the town square, the open-air amphitheater, the city gallery, the library, and the cinema, where talented local and foreign artists play music of many different genres. In addition to listening, the audience can enjoy participating in the summer music school, and art, literature, dance, music, or environmental workshops. The 2024 edition features music from Brazil, Germany, Austria and Portugal.  

Follow the styles you love and experience Serbia through music this summer! 

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