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Field archaeologist & conservator, ️Raven! As Raven puts it "I'm no Indiana Jones ? , but I think I'm pretty good at making pottery analysis sexy." Raven is #HistoricallyCurious about Europe, making YouTube videos about Archaeology, Conservation and History. Ready to learn? Grab your hat, your trowel, and your paintbrush and let's get adventuring!

Exploring unknown Czechia with a local

Taking the road less travelled, as Robert Frost famously encouraged, is the best way to discover Europe and make memories that will last a lifetime. But getting off the beaten trail is not always as easy as one might wish! Luckily, our #HistoricallyCurious ambassador and archaeologist Raven has got you covered. She recently did a fascinating interview with local Czech ambassador, Ondrej, who shared his favorite secret spots across his country for both city lovers and those of you who are drawn by the history of this great nation.

So, what are Ondrej’s top tips? Watch the video for his full list of recommendations. To pique your interest though, here are a few we love. The city of Kutná Hora is one of Ondrej’s top hidden destinations, one which offers the grandeur, history, and culture of Prague but far fewer tourists. Check out this city for an authentic Czech experience! The other place Ondrej loves is Brno, which is famous around Europe for its modernist buildings including the Villa Tugendhat, completed in 1930 by the world famous German architect, Mies van der Rohe. The best way to explore these cities? On foot! So put on your traveling shoes, charge up your devices, and start exploring!

Is it really a Raven adventure if we didn’t go and explore some ruins!? Check her post below discover Hazmburk Castle, in the Central Bohemian mountains.

Exploring unknown Czechia with a local

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