From the same-old straight to a green paradise

Catch some sun while relaxing on the beach or climb a via ferrata. Cool off in the mountains or deep underground. Try thermal waters or on adrenaline-filled singletrack. Explore UNESCO Heritage Sites  —  and all in one trip, without hours of driving. Come to Slovakia in the heart of Europe and visit the Liptov region to fulfill your slow travel dreams!

Multi-sensory discovery

The sights and sounds of the Liptov region tantalize the senses and awe the mind: this northern part of Slovakia is encircled by the majestic Tatra Mountains and holds the country’s most beautiful national parks. Over a thousand kilometers of marked hiking trails promise fun for every visitor, from easy hikes in the stunning Kvačianska Valley, with its dense forest and a  historic mill that still works, to challenging treks to the top of Veľký Choč (1611m) for amazing views. Thrill-seekers the adrenaline rush from the fixed ropes and iron steps of via Ferrata Two Towers close to Liptovské Revúce.

Nature’s art underground

If you like exploring hidden realms, don’t miss the fascinating Demänovská Cave of Liberty, with its delicate stalactites. For the more adventurous, why not venture into Little Stanišovská Cave with full caving equipment? Inside you’ll find intricate labyrinths, sand and water traps, and narrow chimneys lit only by your headlamp. With experienced cavers as your guides, your adventure into the karst labyrinth will be one to remember.

Sights from a cycle path

If you’re into cycling, Liptov is the place for you, with an 850 km cycling trail network that suits both professional cyclists and families with kids. For more relaxed exploration, consider an e-bike ride! The region has an array of public charging stations. Another ideal place for active visits is Malinô Brdo bike park, which has ten trails. From there, it’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to the lively UNESCO-labeled village of Vlkolínec, where time has stood still amid dozens of original wooden houses with colorful lime paintings. The trail around Liptovská Mara, the largest water reservoir in Slovakia, is a must to explore picturesque villages and breathtaking mountain scenery at the pace you choose.

Play and relax in the water

Take a moment to enjoy and play in the water of Liptovská Mara. Relax on the beach or try kayaking, paddleboarding or even flyboarding for a more intense experience. Or recharge your batteries at the popular Tatralandia and Bešeňová water parks, which are supplied by mineral-rich thermal springs. There are plenty of splashing and wellness options to keep the whole family entertained. Then head to Salaš Pastierska, a traditional shepherd’s hut in the Bobrovecká Valley. It is a unique opportunity to taste Liptovská bryndza (a special sheep’s cheese that can only be produced in this region) while enjoying the enchanting view of the hills where the sheep graze.

There is so much more to discover in Liptov! Use the online holiday planner and get ready for an unforgettable trip to Slovakia!

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