Sweet Escapes for Sweet Dreams

Between glamping in green oases, alpine chalets, palaces fit for royalty, castles in the countryside and heritage hotels that wrap you in both luxury and legacy, there are experiences to suit all tastes in Slovenia and Croatia.

Get in Touch with Nature: Glamping, Homesteads and Wine Cottages

With nine National Parks and dozens of additional Nature Parks across both countries, you won’t soon run out of opportunities to get in touch with your green side. Why not take it a step further and sleep among the gorgeous landscapes though? And we’re not talking tents. Try luxury glamping in treehouses near the iconic Plitvice Lakes or a six-star experience, also set atop the trees, in Bled, Slovenia with a restaurant serving farm-to-table local fare.

You can find similar attention to detail and emphasis on sustainability in Međimurje, a county bordered by two serene rivers and recently named a Green Destinations region for its commitment to sustainable tourism.

Thoughtful homesteads that preserve tradition can be found throughout Slovenia, from the 500-year-old with its epic mountain views to the unique homestead in Hrovača that blends modern design with old-world charm.

For wine lovers, why leave the vineyards? In the rustic Dolenjska wine-growing district, famed for the top-tier wine produced mostly by family-owned wineries, you can drift away in wooden or stone vineyard cottages.

Luxury Castles, Palaces and Accommodation Fit for an Emperor

Looking for luxury? You’re in luck, Croatia and Slovenia are the lands of larger-than-life palaces and enchanting castles. With remarkably preserved heritage spanning from the Roman to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there is no shortage of historical sites to visit…and spend the night in.

Among Slovenia’s castles, a stay in Otočec Castle is one you won’t forget. Set on an island in the middle of the Krka River, this 13th-century castle is the definition of a fairytale destination. Or, try Podsreda Castle, a beautifully maintained Romanesque castle whose medieval core remains largely untouched.

And those are just a couple of the castles available to you.

For some, a vacation isn’t a vacation if it doesn’t involve the coast and with a coastline that includes over 1,200 islands, Croatia is calling.

There’s nothing that tells the story of the Adriatic coast more than Stories Hotels. The eighteen hotels that make up the collection aren’t your typical luxury accommodations, these are thoughtful experiences that spin heritage, immaculate design and exceptional hospitality into something that surpasses mere extravagance. Mostly family-owned, they stretch from Rovinj in Istria down to Dubrovnik in Dalmatia.

The choice is yours, a palace in the heart of Korčula, taking in the same views Marco Polo did before he took to the seas, being enveloped in the charm of Sibenik and its medieval past or more than a dozen other options.

With history made all along the coast, it’s no wonder that the seaside is where you’ll also find most of Croatia’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Diocletian’s Palace in Split. Wherever you stay within Diocletian’s domain, you’ll be wrapped up in a tale spanning more than 1,700 years.

Lay Your Head Wherever Feels Best

Whether it’s luxury, history or landscapes you crave, Croatia and Slovenia have it all. Let your imagination run wild when picking where to stay and the type of experience you want for you and your family.

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